Privacy Policy

DISABILITY DATING wants its members to be aware of the information and personal details that it collects, how it is used and stored, and under what circumstances (if any) this information may be disclosed.

Website Management

Business Name: Disability Dating
Address: 3, St George’s House, Vernon Gate, Derby, DE1 1UQ
Country: England

Information Collected

This POLICY applies to DISABILITY DATING and the information collected on this website. DISABILITY DATING respects each and every member's and visitor's right to personal privacy. As a result, it only collects information on the website which it discloses in this PRIVACY POLICY.

The DISABILITY DATING servers do not recognise any information relating to the email address or domain for each and every visitor to the website.

The information that DISABILITY DATING collects is:

  • used to improve the content and functionality of DISABILITY DATING.
  • used to inform members and visitors about updates to DISABILITY DATING.
  • never shared with other organisations for commercial purposes.

During the registration process, a user must supply certain contact information (including their email address) to DISABILITY DATING – however, DISABILITY DATING promises to NEVER sell or distribute this information. This information is only gathered to contact the user about the SERVICES available on DISABILITY DATING which he/she has expressed an interest in. It is optional for the user to provide demographic information (income, gender, sexual persuasion, etc.) and unique identifiers (username, password etc.). Giving additional information helps provide a more personal experience - but it is not imperative for the use of the DISABILITY DATING service.

Information Stored

Any text data that is supplied to DISABILITY DATING by any member or visitor to the site is stored in a database. In the same manner, photographic material that is supplied to DISABILITY DATING by any member or visitor to the site is stored on the server’s file structure. Sensitive information – including a member or visitor’s name, surname and/or email address are – under no circumstances – revealed to any other member or visitor to the site. All personal data is stored in the strictest of confidence and DISABILITY DATING adheres at all times to the Data Protection Act.

When completing a member profile/advert on DISABILITY DATING site, the MEMBER confirms that he/she consents to displaying this personal information as a form of “self advertisement”. Personal information that is supplied by the MEMBER is displayed on the site and is on view for other members to see. However, excluded from the profile advert is sensitive information such as a member’s surname, email address and mobile number – and under no circumstances would DISABILITY DATING divulge this information.

Information Shared

DISABILITY DATING will not sell or redistribute a member’s information or personal details to any third party. The information provided by the MEMBER will reside solely on the DISABILITY DATING servers.

Types of Information Distributed to Members

DISABILITY DATING sends newsletters, special offers, joining/password communications and confirmations, top members, member replies and member matches to a member's email account. However, DISABILITY DATING cannot guarantee the number of emails a member will receive on a daily basis. DISABILITY DATING will only send the MEMBER emails which it deems to be of interest to him/her. However, as a result of the member matching system, members in highly populated areas may – from time to time – receive large numbers of matches and emails from other members.

Opting Out of Member Emails

Members that do not wish to continue receiving communications of this nature are able to opt-out of receiving mail from the DISABILITY DATING SERVICE. The MEMBER has the ability to unsubscribe from any – or all – mails during their membership on the service. This can be done directly by the MEMBER by accessing the section titled “Your Details”, and clicking on the link “Email Subscriptions”. Here, the MEMBER can pause/stop matches and email communications.

If a member decides that he/she does not wish to continue with the DISABILITY DATING SERVICE, he/she can unsubscribe by clicking on the link provided in any email message sent by DISABILITY DATING. Alternatively, members can remove their account information directly from the website by entering "My Account" after logging in and clicking on the link marked "Remove Old Addresses". In addition, members can also contact services at customer services and manually request that they be removed from the service. All emails sent by DISABILITY DATING contain links to both the MEMBER'S account page and also the cancellation page.

Notification of Changes

If DISABILITY DATING makes changes to its PRIVACY POLICY, these changes will be posted and/or communicated to the members on the service immediately.


DISABILITY DATING aims to resolve all complaints and disputes within 5 working days. DISABILITY DATING can be contacted by:

Business Name: Disability Dating
Address: 3, St George’s House, Vernon Gate, Derby, DE1 1UQ
Country: England